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This section highlights our latest developments and product offers. Please visit our bilingual (English/Finnish) Facebook pages @toobspeakercabinet for the complete newsflow, photos, hints & tips, chit-chat & feedback. We're also on Instagram, and our YouTube channel "Toobspeakers" receives new demo clips - both from us and third parties - on an irregular basis.

2023: Resellers in key role
2023 is over, welcome 2024! The music gear industry appears to be struggling here and there. A slowdown in the final months left our sales volumes slightly below the 2022 record and just three units short the next milestone, 700 cabs from the start in 2017. In 2023, resellers accounted for a larger-than-ever share of the total, for which we are extremely grateful.  

In addition to old stalwarts Custom Sounds (Finland), Liberty-Music (Germany) and Lightweightguitaramps (Hungary), our new new resellers in key locations have done a great job:

As previously noted, jazz guitar specialist Guitars 'n Jazz in Summit, NJ, is our first dealership in North America. Lou Del Rosso, a noted jazz guitar authority, saw the potential in the Metro line and soon ordered more.

Guitars 'n Jazz
30 Maple St, 1st Floor
Summit, NJ 07901
(Showroom by appointment only)

Hong Kong and Taiwan:
A surprise contact from Hong Kong led from 0 to 100 in just a few weeks. Yuu Soundojo, run by Aiden Koon, performs and teaches music, as well as sells music equipment in HK and Taiwan. Having passed the Henriksen amp franchise to broader shoulders, Aiden started with Metros but soon came back for more, including 10" and 12" Toobs. Dealer of the Year!

Yuu Soundojo
Room 804, 8/F, Bonham C/C
42A-46 Bonham Strand West
Sheun Wang
Hong Kong
+852 566 12356

As the year was drawing to a close, good news from the home turf: Soitinasema, a well-established dealer in Turku, Southwestern Finland, took in their first Toobs and Metros. The omens are good.

How to get it for less?
A) As a performing artist or full-time music student, you may be entitled to a substantial discount, subject to our discretion. Almost no strings attached. Check our Policies and Principles section.

B) From time to time, there will be an Offer of the Month featured on this page.

C) We often have a few prototypes and other one-offs on hand.  

D) Reluctantly, we have shipped a few 10" and 12" TOOBs unloaded to people willing - and able - to install their own speaker. The price drop is typically EUR 100/90 (EU/non-EU) for guitar models and EUR 120/110 for bass models. If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you already have a 5 mm hex key, the only tool required.


Playing with an upright cab
Our 12J, 10B, 12B and 6.5BG+ models, as well as most telescopic versions, come with removable UpBeat legs for playing in the vertical position. While we were aware of Johnny Smith's "Fountain of Sound", a huge 1957 Ampeg amp tilted on its back, we consider the upright legs another Toob innovation.

Why upright? The concept makes the cab more omnidirectional: you hear yourself better, the band hears you better, and nobody in the audience is on the fire line. Works best if there's a reflecting ceiling above - 3-5 m (10'-16') seems ideal.

For double bass players, the solution raises the speaker closer to the instrument's sound holes and allows the acoustic and electric sound to blend harmoniously. For guitar, applications range from orchestra pit work and big band comping to enhancing acoustic instruments and playing jazz in intimate situations.

Update: Globe-trotting acoustic guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Elden Kelly (now Memphis, TN) approached us for an omnidirectional solution. He now plays an upright Metro 6.5FR II and a telescopic one-off TOOB 12FT. Even the latter fits under an airline seat!

Offers of the month
February: wait...
After a sluggish January, we're in full swing again. Metros are the order of the day, to the extent that a potential component shortage needs urgent attention. To spell it out, our supplier of speaker grills has relocated following ownership change, and apparently needs some time to get organized.

We used the relative January calm as always before, for new product development. While some critics say there's too many Toob and Metro variants already, we took a fresh look at our 10" offering. The aim is to introduce a compact open-back version, provisionally named 10J, for those cherished Fender Princeton tones. Prototypes powered by the Quilter SuperBlock US amp and loaded with three different Jensen speakers sound convincing. We now wait for Jensen's new Silverbird 10 speaker, which, together with more Spartan appointments (wire leg, plastic handle, cloth grill) will result in an utterly lightweight (under 4 kg) Toob in a new, affordable price category.

A comment on pricing
Swedish Metal Guru Ola Englund's recent YouTube review of a Toob 12R and a Metro 6.5BG gathered over 30,000 views, a forest of thumbs and hundreds of comments in just a few days.

While most comments were positive, several people attacked our pricing as way too high. Six years ago, when Toobs were launched in Finland, we faced exactly the same arguments: "I'll make one in an hour." "It's just sewage pipe and some plywood, not worth more than 100$."

We wonder if anyone has actually made the effort, let alone found it to make any sense. Why such animosity from a crowd whose appetite for effects pedals appears insatiable? The electronic components inside those may cost just a few euros, and there's very little human labor involved. Most of our speakers alone range from 70€ to 160€ in retail, and we use premium components, many of which we make or finish ourselves. The corrugated, double wall drainage pipe is a high-tech product with ideal physical and acoustic properties. Our tooling investments are a five-digit figure. And Markku (77) has assembled over 700 prototypes, Toobs and Metros by hand in his one-man boutique, taking no salary.

We see our products as life-improving design objects. It's not by chance that so many of our customers are music professionals and regular performers, not only in crowded metropoles. Our pricing strikes a balance between own survival and the unique user benefits we offer. A comparable innovation in e.g. sporting goods or luggage would have made us fat and happy a long time ago.