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This section highlights our latest developments and product offers. Please visit our bilingual (English/Finnish) Facebook pages @toobspeakercabinet for the complete newsflow, photos, hints & tips, chit-chat & feedback. We're also on Instagram, and our YouTube channel "Toobspeakers" receives new demo clips - both from us and third parties - on an irregular basis.

A message from Toob inventor and builder Markku Pietinen
Mayday? Not quite. Seven-year itch? Yes. Double or quit? Preferably the first, but can't do it alone.  

TOOBs were conceived from 2007 onwards and introduced to the market in 2017, when I was 70. Seven years later, I’m hoping to ensure the continuity and growth of the business. Without a successor or partner, my planning horizon does not extend beyond the end of 2024.  

It’s been an exciting late-in-life journey. While I saw the megatrend towards lighter gear early, modern Class D micro-amplifiers for guitars only started to make sense around 2016. My concept relies heavily on them, so Toobs could not have been introduced any earlier. After 7 years and some 750 cabinets, they still have no direct competition.  

It would be a pity to remain just a footnote in the history of musical instruments amplification. Toob has become a recognized brand without mega-expenditure. One innovation after another has made life easier for the working musician.  

While utter portability was my starting point, market success requires more: the sound. The 10”-12” Toobs, guitar and bass, are praised for clarity and omnidirectionality. The 6.5” Metros, introduced in 2020, have created a stage-worthy category of their own.  

For the time being, it’s business as usual. I have just topped up inventories of speakers and critical components. Toob will again have a stand at the Helsinki Tonefest – Scandinavia’s largest guitar exhibition – on May 18. However, if you are contemplating a Toob or Metro, do not wait too long. Look at what we have on offer.

If you are interested in the business, do not hesitate to contact me. Succession may take several forms: outright divestment, partnership, even licensing/franchising. This is not the place to get into details, but I’ll be happy to send further information on a confidential basis, subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Thank you for your interest!

Markku Pietinen
+358 500 703 370

How to get it for less?
A) As a performing artist or full-time music student, you may be entitled to a substantial discount, subject to our discretion. Almost no strings attached. Check our Policies and Principles section.

B) From time to time, there will be an Offer of the Month featured on this page.

C) We often have a few prototypes and other one-offs on hand.  

D) Reluctantly, we have shipped a few 10" and 12" TOOBs unloaded to people willing - and able - to install their own speaker. The price drop is typically EUR 100/90 (EU/non-EU) for guitar models and EUR 120/110 for bass models. If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you already have a 5 mm hex key, the only tool required.


Playing with an upright cab
Our 12J, 10B, 12B and 6.5BG+ models, as well as most telescopic versions, come with removable UpBeat legs for playing in the vertical position. While we were aware of Johnny Smith's "Fountain of Sound", a huge 1957 Ampeg amp tilted on its back, we consider the upright legs another Toob innovation. First photos of our upright prototypes date from 2010.

Why upright? The concept makes the cab more omnidirectional: you hear yourself better, the band hears you better, and nobody in the audience is on the fire line. Works best if there's a reflecting ceiling above - 3-5 m (10'-16') seems ideal.

For double bass players, the solution raises the speaker closer to the instrument's sound holes and allows the acoustic and electric sound to blend harmoniously. For guitar, applications range from orchestra pit work and big band comping to enhancing acoustic instruments and playing jazz in intimate situations.

Update: Globe-trotting acoustic guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Elden Kelly (now Memphis, TN) approached us for an omnidirectional, full-range solution. He now plays an upright Metro 6.5FR II and a telescopic one-off TOOB 12FT. Even the latter fits under an airline seat!

Offers of the month
MAY: Ukraine campaign on, TOOB 10B discounted, new products available
- Our support to Ukraine continues. For every Metro 6.5GP/GP+ sold in March-May we will donate 25€ to UNICEF for the benefit of Ukrainian children. Moreover, the four felt-lined sound ports can be vested in the Ukrainian yellow and blue colors. That specification will raise our contribution to 50€ per unit. For the looks, please visit our Facebook pages.

- We are discounting our compact TOOB 10B bass cabinet. List price 516/416€ (EU/non-EU), now a limited number for 100€ less.

- Our two new models are now available!

TOOB 10E: compact, open-back cabinet featuring Jensen's new 50W Silverbird speaker. "E" stands for Essence and Economy. Weight: 4.1 kg/9 lbs.
359/289€ (EU/non-EU)

Metro 8GP: Jensen's new, 30W Falcon 8 speaker wrestled into a Metro 6.5BG shell, no internal dampening and the four-port GP backplate. A seriously loud alternative for Quilter SuperBlock and other micro amps. Weight: 2.1 kg/4.6 lbs.
299/241€ (EU/non-EU)

Photos of the new products can be found on our Facebook pages. We currently have no webmaster, so apologies for this website not being fully up-to-date.

- Pricing update: Our March price list for dealers contains no changes for existing models.

- Finnish VAT hike: The Finnish Government announced on April 16 that the country's already high VAT (value-added tax) will be increased from 24% to 25.5%. The date of the change is open, with September 1 seen probable, according to some sources. This change concerns our domestic sales and direct sales to EU countries. Sales to outside EU (both reseller and direct) are tax-free and hence unaffected. Sales to resellers in other EU countries are also tax-exempt at source, whereby their pricing will be unaffected.

Our tentative thinking is to leave our prices unchanged, i.e. to absorb the 1.5% loss in domestic and direct EU trade. This portion accounted for only a third of our business in 2023.