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Polytone/Gallien-Krueger Replacement Therapy
For decades, jazz guitarists and bassists have relied on their Polytones and Gallien-Kruegers. Unfortunately, keeping those aging treasures fit for gigging is an uphill struggle.

We offer the remedy. A TOOB/Metro cab coupled with a Class D micro amp is all it takes. To wit:

Guitarist Mark O. from Bristol praises his new TOOB 12S for clarity and timbre he's never heard before. He divested his Polytone head in a hurry.

Bassist Shane M. from Helsinki is all sold for a TOOB 10B replacing his decaying G+K MB 150 combo. The bonus: a great tone and much less weight to carry.

These are just two cases from Mid-September - more in the past and probably even more in the future.

How to get it for less?
A) As a performing artist or full-time music student, you may be entitled to a substantial discount, subject to our discretion. Almost no strings attached. Check our Policies and Principles section.

B) From time to time, there will be an Offer of the Month featured on this page.

C) We often have a few prototypes and other one-offs on hand.  

D) Reluctantly, we have shipped a few 10" and 12" TOOBs unloaded to people willing - and able - to install their own speaker. The price drop is typically EUR 100/90 (EU/non-EU) for guitar models and EUR 120/110 for bass models. If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you already have a 5 mm hex key, the only tool required.


Playing with an upright cab
Our 12J, 10B, 12B and 6.5BG+ models, as well as most telescopic versions, come with removable UpBeat legs for playing in the vertical position. While we were aware of Johnny Smith's "Fountain of Sound", a huge 1957 Ampeg amp tilted on its back, we consider the upright legs another Toob innovation.

Why upright? The concept makes the cab more omnidirectional: you hear yourself better, the band hears you better, and nobody in the audience is on the fire line. Works best if there's a reflecting ceiling above - 3-5 m (10'-16') seems ideal.

For double bass players, the solution raises the speaker closer to the instrument's sound holes and allows the acoustic and electric sound to blend harmoniously. For guitar, applications range from orchestra pit work and big band comping to enhancing acoustic instruments and playing jazz in intimate situations.

A Cab For Christmas?
Act now!
November swooshed by, and we were too busy to consider new offers, Black Friday etc. Looks like December is more of the same, with some slowing down apparent ahead of the holiday season. In fact, we don't mind, having already broken last year's manufacturing and sales records.

The year-end parcel glut is already on, so if you want a Toob or Metro for Christmas, better act now. For deliveries outside EU, UPS Super Saver is the fastest option. Helsinki-Honolulu in four days!

December's Offer? 10% off - all models!

200th Metro!
The 200th Metro, a GP+ to an order from New Jersey, was completed on the last day of November. There's been a lot of positive buzz, around the GP+ and BG models in particular, in social media.

We're too lazy to replace the below comments (from May) with more recent ones. In all modesty, they're more of the same.

"It was perfect. Especially on these courses when you have to carry all your kit between sessions. I'm very very happy with it."
- Guitarist Stuart S., London (6.5GP)

"I love my new Toob! I set up the Quilter SB US last night and spent a bit of time dialing in a sound I liked. When I finally got it, it really filled me with joy. It’s going to be a real motivation for me..."
- Pro artist Paul U., New York (6.5GP+)

"Got the speaker today and it sounds great! Thanks once again, and I'm glad this one worked out."
- Pro violinist Lyle W., New Orleans (6.5FR)

"The speaker arrived in good working order and I'm very happy with how it performs. Thank you for a great product and your kind service."  
- Guitarist Benjamin R., Boston (6.5BG)

"Hi Markku … yes, the eagle has landed! Everything is fine - yesterday I played a session opener (whole band with drums, e-Piano and horns) and the speaker sounded impressive... Vielen Dank nochmal für die schnelle Lieferung und bis demnächst …
- Bassist Manfred J., Hamburg (6.5BG+)
On our shipping arrangements
Not all eggs in the same basket. We're using Shipit, a Finnish company which has wholesale agreements with several service-providers. Based on the recipient's postal code, we get a current listing of alternatives whenever a quote is needed. By and large, it's UPS for the Americas, UPS or GLS for Continental Europe, UPS for UK and Norway, Finnish Post for Sweden and Denmark, and UPS or Finnish Post for Asia-Pacific. For intercontinental deliveries, we strongly recommend the UPS Super Saver option.