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This section highlights our latest developments and product offers. Please visit our bilingual (English/Finnish) Facebook pages @toobspeakercabinet for the complete newsflow, photos, hints & tips, chit-chat & feedback.
One-off versions almost gone
In the winter months it was quiet on the front. (Not anymore!) Instead of shuttering the works and poring over classic literature or jigsaw puzzles, we stuck to the knitting, i.e. building TOOBs. The result: a 10T open-back with new construction and several voicing options (available); a felt-ported, velvety-voiced 12T (SOLD), and a 6.5GT mighty midget with 130W power handling from a package just 145 mm / 5 3/4"deep when collapsed and weighing a mere 1.8 kg / 4.0 lbs (SOLD). Up for grabs was also a standard 10T (converted into 10BT, SOLD), as well as a 10S with a wire leg and labor-saving design details borrowed from the Metros (RESERVED).
How to get it for less?
A) As a performing artist or full-time music student, you may be entitled to a substantial discount, subject to our discretion. Almost no strings attached. Check our Policies and Principles section.

B) From time to time, there will be an Offer of the Month featured on this page.

C): We always have a small number of prototypes and other one-offs on hand.  Current examples:

• All-black 12M (”Metal”), essentially a 12S prototype loaded with a Jensen Stealth 80 speaker designed for high-gain shredding. EUR 299/241 (EU/Non-EU) plus shipping. ASK!

• Black 12X (”experimental”) loaded with 150W Jensen N 12 D extended range speaker, for pedal steel or as stage monitor for modeling amps. EUR 360/290 (EU/Non-EU) plus shipping. A real cannon! Be a first! SOLD!
New videos on YouTube!
Check our own Jensen Duel, featuring the new Jensen Blackbird 40 AlNiCo, Peter Lerche’s sweet sounds from a TOOB 12S loaded with the Blackbird, and Robert Vennström presenting his troubadour's workstation.
Sorry, nothing for July
After a record June, our shelves are almost empty and we need a break. Looking forward to some quality time in a region whose tourism slogan is "Experience Nothing."
"Exceeding expectations"
- recent testimonials
There's been a lot of feedback lately - all positive. Here's a few samples:

"Thanks for making the best cabs in the world" - Guitarist Cristian Uribe, Ohio (6.5BG and 12J+)

"I played a bit using Toob speaker last night, it sounded very good. The sound is very clear and distinct with great frequency response and also dispersed sound - fills the entire room" - Guitarist John Abraham, New Jersey (6.5BG and 6.5FR)

"Posted a pic and talk to people on Facebook on a page for Danish guitarists with 14K members" - Guitarist Mogens Fosgerau, Copenhagen (12J+)

"All I have to say is they have exceeded my expectations" - harpist Jarred Goldweber, Ohio (6.5BG and 6.5FR)

"Thank you for making the best guitar cabs in the world!" - guitarist Cristian Uribe, Ohio (12J+, 6.5BG)

All models available for immediate delivery!
Our workshop has not been locked down – rather, it’s been Markku’s de facto quarantine extension. Consequently, TOOB 10-12S, 12J, R and B, as well as METRO  6.5GP, BG and FR are all available from the shelf - well, almost due to the recent surge in demand. Custom and Telescopic versions available again from August. ASK!
Quilter SuperBlock amps: the future is on!
Quilter Labs from Costa Mesa, CA, has come up with a concept we have been begging for all these years: a micro-amp with on-board reverb. The new Quilter SuperBlock amps actually feature a lot more. Our own testing confirms what many others have discovered: this is a real-world take on a dream come through. Our sales are up already, and inquiries keep pouring in.
Blackbirds are in - soon out of stock!
This new speaker really sings when housed in a 12J or 12S. It is also louder than its 96dB sensitivity would suggest, thanks to being extremely articulate. The same shipment also replenished our stock of the SICA 6L 1,5SL speakers used in the popular METRO 6.5BG and 6.5GP+ models.