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This section highlights our latest developments and product offers. Please visit our bilingual (English/Finnish) Facebook pages @toobspeakercabinet for the complete newsflow, photos, hints & tips, chit-chat & feedback.
2022: Strong tailwind but for how long?
Ongoing Covid pandemic and Russia's cruel attack against Ukraine notwithstanding, the year has started off well ahead of 2021. January-April unit sales were up by 147%, in part thanks to our resellers' revived interest. However, the pace is likely to even out due to component shortages.

Notably, the SICA 6L 1.5SL woofer is out of stock until August. That means we won't be able to ship the popular Metro 6.5GP+ and 6.5BG cabs until further notice. An interim solution is under study.
How to get it for less?
A) As a performing artist or full-time music student, you may be entitled to a substantial discount, subject to our discretion. Almost no strings attached. Check our Policies and Principles section.

B) From time to time, there will be an Offer of the Month featured on this page.

C) We often have a few prototypes and other one-offs on hand.  

D) Reluctantly, we have shipped a few 10" and 12" TOOBs unloaded to people willing - and able - to install their own speaker. The price drop is typically EUR 100/90 (EU/non-EU) for guitar models and EUR 120/110 for bass models. If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you already have a 5 mm hex key, the only tool required.


Playing with an upright cab
Our 12J, 10B, 12B and 6.5BG+ models, as well as most telescopic versions, come with removable UpBeat legs for playing in the vertical position. While we were aware of Johnny Smith's "Fountain of Sound", a huge 1957 Ampeg amp tilted on its back, we consider the upright legs another Toob innovation.

Why upright? The concept makes the cab more omnidirectional: you hear yourself better, the band hears you better, and nobody in the audience is on the fire line. Works best if there's a reflecting ceiling above - 3-5 m (10'-16') seems ideal.

For double bass players, the solution raises the speaker closer to the instrument's sound holes and allows the acoustic and electric sound to blend harmoniously. For guitar, applications range from orchestra pit work and big band comping to enhancing acoustic instruments and playing jazz in intimate situations.

5th Anniversary Tornado
Jensen Tornados were chosen as the standard speakers for our 10" and 12" guitar TOOBs at the very start in 2017. They now cost almost 50% more, and future increases are more than likely. Our own prices have moved only marginally, some of them downward.

To celebrate TOOB's 5th Anniversary together with our preferred dealers, we are offering standard 12J, 12R, 10S and 12S models to Custom Sounds (Finland), Liberty-Music (Germany) and Lightweight Guitaramps (Hungary) at a significant discount. We expect them to pass at least part of the benefit to end-customers. Win-win.


"Exceeding expectations"
- recent testimonials
There's been a lot of positive feedback lately. Here's a few samples:

" Cannot say how pleased I am with my TOOB! This combination is just perfect together. Played a room with about 200 people and it soared..."
- Guitarist Ryan Steele, Fullerton, CA (Metro 6.5BG Custom and Quilter SuperBlock UK)

" sounds, in one word...amazing!" - Bassist Theo de Jong, bass guitar teacher on the Amsterdam and Utrecht Conservatories (12B)

"Best Jazz Cabinet ever" - Guitarist and former Henriksen and Benedetto dealer Walt Johns, Maryland (6.5BG)

"Thanks for making the best cabs in the world" - Guitarist Cristian Uribe, Ohio (6.5BG and 12J+)

"I played a bit using Toob speaker last night, it sounded very good. The sound is very clear and distinct with great frequency response and also dispersed sound - fills the entire room" - Guitarist John Abraham, New Jersey (12J+)

"Posted a pic and talk to people on Facebook on a page for Danish guitarists with 14K members" - Guitarist Mogens Fosgerau, Copenhagen (12J+)

"All I have to say is they have exceeded my expectations" - Harpist Jarred Goldweber, Ohio (6.5BG and 6.5FR)

"Hi Markku! Really appreciate you rapidly shipping the speaker. I just received it and it's fantastic! It sounds great and is so light." - Guitarist Alejandro Castro, Bronx (12S BlackBird + Tilta cradle)

"Hi Markku, my Toob has arrived. I knew it would be fine when I saw the courier walking to my door carrying it in one hand! ... It does exactly what it is intended to do." - Bassist Megan Smith, Kent, UK (12B)

So far direct feedback from my colleagues has been very positive - both my go-to drummers were impressed by the sound and form factor." Guitarist-bassist Mario Neundorf, Hamburg (2 x 6.5BG+)

"The Toob cab is extraordinarily portable without sacrificing sound quality. An essential accessory for any gigging bass player who is constantly on the move!"
Bassist Kaisa Mäensivu, Helsinki / New York (12BT)

"Yes! Everything is OK. I am really impressed with functionality and engineered elegance of this cabinet. You really have a product and the tone is excellent. I’m still in the honey moon phase and looking forward to gigging with it." Guitarist James J., Benbrook, TX (12S)

"Having had the 12J for a few weeks now,  I just wanted to write to say that I am really *really* happy with it. The more time that I spend with it, the more I love it. One of my favourite things is the midrange it offers. This helps me to nail the jazz tone that I have been chasing for many years. It is worth noting, also, that my amp doesn't have any reverb but when I put it through the Toob, I really don't miss it at all. It is a fantastic piece of kit. I am sure that I will be back for more in the future." Guitarist David Evans, Manchester, UK (12J+)
On our shipping arrangements
Not all eggs in the same basket. We're using Shipit, a Finnish company which has wholesale agreements with several service-providers. Based on the recipient's postal code, we get a current listing of alternatives whenever a quote is needed. By and large, it's UPS for the Americas, UPS or GLS for Continental Europe, UPS for UK and Norway, Finnish Post for Sweden an Denmark, and UPS or Finnish Post for Asia-Pacific. As for UPS to the Americas, we strongly recommend the higher-priority Super Saver option.