TOOB 10S / 12S

Both the compact 10S and the 30 mm deeper 12S produce a more enhanced bass response and a rounder tone with less mid-range than a 12J. Just add distortion, and this civilized Dr. Jekyll becomes a raging Mr. Hyde, measuring up with the 12R. Both models feature the trusted Jensen Tornado Neo speakers. The new Jensen Blackbird 40 AlNiCo will be offered as an option.

eu price

10S: 399€
12S: 419€

NON-eu price

10S: 322€
12S: 338€

Jensen BlackBird 40 AlNiCo 10"/12": + 30/25€
EU price includes Finnish VAT of 24%
Note: Please find out about your country's customs charges, taxes and other levies before ordering!
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10S: 260 mm (D) x 335 mm (W) x 330 mm (H, w/o leg)
4.3 kg /9.5 lbs

12S: 290 mm (D) x 335 mm (W) x 330 mm (H, w/o leg)
4.5 kg /10 lbs

10S: Jensen N10/100 TR 10" Neo, 8 ohm, 100 W max. Frequency response: 85-5,000 Hz.
Option: Jensen P10/40 BB 40W (Blackbird AlNiCo), add 30/25€

12S: Jensen N12/100 TR 12" Neo, 8 ohm, 100 W max. Frequency response: 75-5,000 Hz

Option: Jensen P12/40 BB 40W (Blackbird AlNiCo, add 30/25€.
Bespoke metal grill • Vintage-style leather handle • Magnetic plywood MagLeg • Dock with hook-and-loop fasteners for micro-amp • Two 1/4" mono jacks, parallel wiring • 400 mm (16") connecting cable with flathead plugs

Black w/ Black rims, Natural/Pear-stained wood
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