Principles and policies

Dialogue with the customer

As a small and nimble operator, we derive energy from a constant dialogue with our end-customers. This is a must, too, as few resellers outside our home turf dare to stock such an avant-garde product, making live testing next to impossible. It may require multiple messages back and forth (the record is 109!) to find the right solution, or develop one. Some 12,000 e-mails thus far. The result: two product returns since mid-2018, one before.

A Passion for Innovation

While tubular speaker cabinets are nothing new, they were never seriously proposed to the guitar world. Not before TOOB, that is. Hence, the entire concept is an innovation, and so are many key solutions and details around it. We have tallied almost 20 separate product innovations. The entire manufacturing process and special tooling is proprietary. At start, we decided against seeking patents, as that would have ruined our finances. Instead, we invested in design, tooling and product awareness. One day, we trust, innovation must focus on scaling up capacity. More hands, more workshops or a conveyor belt? This will require broader shoulders than ours alone.

Continuous improvement

We reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without prior notice. Such changes may result from our own product development or users’ suggestions. Unavailability of components or new manufacturing methods may also necessitate changes. We will never knowingly make changes that detract from the tone, functionality or perceived quality of a given model.

Product endorsement

We are in contact or even deeper collaboration with several manufacturers of speakers and amplifiers, but don’t have a contractual relationship with or endorsement obligation towards any of them. Our standard speakers are sourced from distributors, not direct from the manufacturers. Demo amps are drawn from our testing arsenal. However, our future options don’t exclude closer cooperation with one or more amp manufacturers.

Artist relations

As a micro-enterprise, we don’t have the resources for lavish endorsement deals with superstars. They don’t carry their own backline anyway. In keeping with our mission to help the active musician, we have handed out a small number of products to ”test pilots”, first-rank artists, whose experiences and comments are invaluable. We are also willing to sell our products, on a discretionary basis, to outstanding artists and music students at a discount. (The problem is, so many users qualify...) Given that a freelance musician has many roles, we are not requiring the exclusive use of a TOOB. Visibility, a video clip, a good word on social media is all we ask in return.


We guarantee our products for two years against defects in materials or workmanship. This excludes the speaker (driver), which rarely fails unless driven too hard. (When mistreated, a guitar speaker tends to overheat and burn, while bass speakers are prone to mechanical failure from extensive travel of the voice coil.) Each unit is duly tested before leaving our works. The simplicity and serviceability of the TOOB design often makes a DIY repair, with advice and/or parts from us, the least cumbersome and most cost-efficient procedure. Please study carefully the instructions sheet that comes with each product!


Thanks to our arrangement with a shipping agent, we can offer several options to almost any destination in the world. In most cases, either the Finnish Post, GLS or UPS offer the best terms.

Product returns

Our resellers follow their own, customary or statutory product return policies. For a standard product purchased direct from us, we offer a 14-day trial period, starting from the delivery of the product to the buyer. Payments made via PayPal will not be touched before the trial period has expired. However, returning the product will be at the buyer’s expense. Products made or customized to order, prototypes or secondhand products cannot be returned. Patient communication with potential customers has ensured a return rate of under one per cent.

Commercial relations

Wherever we have a local reseller, we encourage people to turn to them first. In today’s landscape, international web trading has nevertheless become the norm. It benefits consumers e.g. through lower, more uniform prices and universal availability of products. Buying from major operators with generous trial and return policies is also risk-free. Unfortunately, such volume traders are rarely interested in avant-garde or low-volume boutique products, such as ours. While efforts continue to widen our international network of independent, specialized resellers, it’s realistic to assume that the bulk of our sales going forward will take place via this website.