Imagine a 12" guitar and bass speaker cabinet under 10 lBs / 5 kg

A game changer

Introducing TOOB, the world´s lightest professional musical instrument speaker cabinets

TOOB comes from Thinking Out Of the Box. It took us nearly ten years to perfect this revolutionary design. On top of being up to 70% lighter than conventional speaker cabinets, TOOB features a clear, uncolored tone and an open, broad projection appreciated by your bandmates and the audience.  This - rather than the feather weight - explains why there are so many professional musicians among the very first TOOB users.

  • praised for tone and projection
  • three basic versions; options, custom designs and accessories available
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"A speaker like an acoustic instrument"
-Riffi magazine 4/17
"Probably my best guitar sound ever"
- Guitarist-bassist, Berklee Alumnus Juha Pöysä
"It's the cello of the
speaker world"

- Guitar legend Peter Lerche
"A double bass player's
best friend"

- Veteran bassist, teacher and textbook author Ilkka Hanski
"Eine klasse Box - nicht nur unter dem Gewichtsaspekt"
- Guitarist "Her Mann", Munich
" of the coolest new ideas in the field of speaker cabinets."
- Martin Berka, guitarist, bassist and blogger in
"...a game changer..."
- Several American guitarists spontaneously