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[The entire TOOB family underwent a facelift in 2020]

TOOB Product Family

Born out of need and intuition, the TOOB ultra-portable speaker cabinets for guitar, bass and other musical instruments are on the march. From their home base in Finland, they are spreading all over the world.

Launched in 2017, our 12J and 12R guitar Originals foresaw the megatrend towards lighter musical equipment. A bass version, 12B, soon followed.

The clever basic design has lent itself to several further variations, including Telescopic, 10” and one-off Custom cabinets.

Hearing the prayers of urban working musicians, we went on to create the public transit compatible, yet stageworthy METRO 6.5” line.
Another TOOB revolution – cute but not quiet!

Next, we returned to original-caliber enclosures and gave them back panels with felt-lined sound ports, a key METRO innovation. The refined S (for Studio) series lands tonally right between the guitar originals.

Countless prototypes (not all the frogs you kiss turn into princes) and hundreds of finished products have emerged from our small workshop outside Helsinki. This could not have happened without vision, commitment and – importantly – an incredible pool of talent and skills patiently contributing to the project.



TOOB S SERIES 10" & 12"

TOOB Custom Shop

"A speaker like an acoustic instrument"
-Riffi magazine 4/17
"The Toob is an amazing design. It disperses sound in every direction, in a way that traditional guitar cabinets simply can’t."
- Tim Pierce, session guitarist, Tarzana, CA.
"Probably my best guitar sound ever"
- Guitarist-bassist, Berklee Alumnus Juha Pöysä
"It's the cello of the
speaker world"

- Guitar legend Peter Lerche
"A double bass player's
best friend"

- Veteran bassist, teacher and textbook author Ilkka Hanski
"Eine klasse Box - nicht nur unter dem Gewichtsaspekt"
- Guitarist "Her Mann", Munich
"...one of the coolest new ideas in the field of speaker cabinets."
- Martin Berka, guitarist, bassist and blogger in kitarablogi.com
"...a game changer..."
- Several American guitarists spontaneously