TOOB Custom Shop

On request, our shop becomes a Custom Shop. A range of 10” and 12” Telescopic guitar and bass models fitting in carry-on luggage has been developed for the globe-trotting musician. These are made to order only. We occasionally let our imagination frolic by creating Custom versions of the standard designs.

TOOB Telescopic models

Our unique, telescopic cabinets are now available in several variants. The guitar versions 10T and 12T (Jensen Tornado TR10 or 12/100) as well as the smaller bass version 10BT (Celestion BN10-200X) are  just 195 mm (under 8”) deep when collapsed. Weighing 4.2-4.6 kg/9.5-10 lb, they lodge comfortably in a cabin bag. The bass version 12BT (Celestion BN12-300S) is 30 mm deeper, still a happy traveling companion in a suitcase or sports bag. Fully extended, the T models measure and sound the same as our standard 12J and 12B designs. Extending the wooden inner tube gradually, you will discover that the tone responds in a non-linear way. A tuneable speaker cabinet! These entirely hand-crafted gems are made to order only. ENQUIRE!

TOOB Custom Orders

Just send us your wish and our shop becomes your Custom Shop. All models can be delivered with custom-painted rims. And, at a weight penalty of a mere 450 g/1 lb, we can dress up a 12R in Tolex, Lacquered Tweed or many other options, even your own imagery. Visit the Gallery for what's already been realized. ENQUIRE!

TOOB Tilta

Some players use their speaker cabinet as a personal monitor, while projecting their music to the audience via the PA system. We have created a lightweight cradle permitting you to safely incline your TOOB up to 45 degrees and beyond. It is foldable and weighs 560 g/1.3 lb. ENQUIRE!

Other accessories under development. For a gigbag, we can't beat Thomann's Stairville SB-125.
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