Metro 6.5BG

The BG (Bass & Guitar) version is slightly deeper and, with a SICA 6 L 1.5 SL max. 130W Neo woofer, ranges from the deepest double bass/bass guitar notes to 4 kHz, making it perfect for jazz guitar, too.

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250 mm (L) x 220 mm (W) x 205 mm (H, w/o leg); 2.0 kg / 4.4 lb.

SICA 6L 1.5 SL 6.5", 8 ohm, 130W max,
Frequency response: 90-4,000Hz

Black w/ black rims
Heavy-duty metal grill with TOOB "T" logo • One 1/4" mono jacks, parallel wiring • Removable leg of 4 mm stainless steel wire • Mounting saddle for micro-amp with hook-and-loop strips • 250 mm (10") connecting cable with flathead plugs.

We guarantee each TOOB for two years for faulty materials or manufacturing defects. This excludes the speaker element, which rarely fails unless overloaded and has to be assessed case by case.
In case of a warranty issue, you may turn to the dealer you bought the product from, or direct to us. We are, of course,  extremely keen to learn about any issues there may be.
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