Here you can find frequently asked questions

Who is TOOB meant for?

At the outset we had no particular audience in target. In practice many of the first TOOB artists are professional musicians or active giggers. The age range of known players is 12 - 84, with a hump in the middle. Like a devil's image in a church, the T logo on the grill spells out our worst enemies: Tradition, 'Esitation and Ego.

Light is fine, but isn't plastic tonally inferior to wood-based cabinet materials?

Not in our case. A/B comparisons prove that TOOB does well against conventional cabinets more than twice the weight and double the price, when equipped with the same driver. The tone is neutral, not "plasticky". Most PA Cabinets and many HiFi cabinets today are made of plastic, by the way.

Many people think Neo speakers have an inferior tone. Why don't you offer a ferrite or alnico driver?

The starting point was weight reduction. Of course, loaded with a traditional speaker, TOOB would still be significantly lighter than regular boxes. We have tested a few traditional drivers and they sound great, but not necessarily greater than our chosen Jensens and Celestions, These are matters of taste, in the end. What sounds great when playing alone may have e.g. too much bass in a band setting. Feel free to test yourself - changing the driver takes just a few minutes from anyone with access to a 5 mm hex key.

You are a small, unknown company with a new product which has not been in extensive use yet. What kind of a warranty and product support will I get?

We try to ensure your satisfaction and many years of carefree operation by using only the best components available. In fact, we have gone to great lengths to satisfy individual customers' needs and get praise for our service. We guarantee the shell, clamping rings and other components for two years against manufacturing and material defects. The speaker element (driver) remains outside this warranty, however, as we will have to pass your claim on to the manufacturer. Fortunately, the elements rarely fail unless driven too hard, which the experts will be able to judge from the nature of damage.

Where can I see and hear one live?

We are working on that… Apart from Finland, TOOBs already have landed in ten countries but not yet in vast numbers. Our participation in the Mannheim Guitar Summit on September 6-9, 2018 made quite a splash and resulted in fine test reports in the German Gitarre&Bass magazine.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel sample videos, and our Facebook pages for the newsflow. We encourage all TOOB owners to register and share their experiences on our Facebook pages. Video clips welcome!
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